Grease Trap Cleanout

When fats, oils, grease and solids get into the sewer lines, the buildup could lead to clogs and further trouble. To prevent those substances from getting into the lines, a trap or interceptor is installed where it can capture content before it enters the pipes. These devices function the same; the major difference between an interceptor and other devices is the size. South Texas Grease Retrieval offers grease trap cleaning services to ensure that your establishment is protected against health hazards. Our work in this area consists of vacuuming out the contents of the capture devices and disposing of the waste. Any remaining deposits are cleaned away and lines are left thoroughly scrubbed.


The Importance of Routine Maintenance and Repairs

Schedule routine grease trap maintenance to be sure that your Corpus Christi restaurant or other establishment will pass inspections. Our Texas company offers this service to commercial and industrial clients. We understand the importance of keeping fats and other buildup out of the municipal water system, as well as the upsets that would occur if foul odors made their way into a restaurant. The maintenance we provide are vital to the safety of your facility, staff and customers.
Grease Trap Cleanout — Tank Cleaning and Pumping in Corpus Christi, TX

Serving South Texas

Visit with one of our contractors to schedule the maintenance you may need. We can discuss the use of digesters in your wastewater management system or determine the best course of treatment for your establishment. Our Texas Grease Trap company offers services in Corpus Christi and nearby areas. Call South Texas Grease Retrieval at 361-742-1685 to discuss the needs of your business.